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A Guide To Purchasing Stretch Wrapping Equipment
Phoenix Stretch Wrappers
An operator who wraps pallets with hand wrap stretch film is not able to wrap every load exactly the same way, time and time again. A load wrapped by one operator Monday morning will not be wrapped the same way as another operator on Friday afternoon. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue. Follow a guide to purchasing the best stretch wrapping solution for your ...
Flexi Case Study
JDA Software Group
Grupo Flexi Masters Supply Chain Complexity While Improving Customer Service Levels Industry Manufacturing – Apparel & Accessories Description Grupo Flexi is the largest manufacturer of leather footwear in Mexico, producing more than 13 million pairs of shoes annually. Founded in 1935, the privately owned company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of casual, sport and ...
Grocery Supply Chain Grows Greener with Local Foods
Grocery Supply Chain Grows Greener with Local Foods One of the more popular trends in the food market re- cently has been the consumer migration towards locally grown foods. Environmental benefits are one of the key reasons consumers are purchasing more locally grown products. Less energy is consumed during the shortened transportation and warehousing process of local foods— and therefore less ...
MDA Stretch Film Stretch Wrap Buyer's Guide
McLeod & Dewey Associates
The following is an unbiased view of what to look for in both a stretch film, and a stretch film supplier. Using information provided by our customers we have come to realize that some of them get much more value than others from their stretch film supplier. And that extra value has resulted in thousands of dollars saved. We have outlined some of these points below in an attempt to let our ...
Adopting thermal printing
Historically, manufacturer's proprietary language was required to communicate with thermal printers. Unlike other types of printers commonly used in the work place, thermal printers do not use a standard programming language for communications and control. Problem Overview The lack of a standard programming language has created problems for both product users and technology adopters such as ...

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JDA Software 2012 JDA Software Group JDA Software Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of supply chain management, merchandising and pricing solutions. Headquarterd in Scottsdale, ...
Phoenix PRTA-2200 Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrapper Phoenix Stretch Wrappers Built to last. Designed specifically for High Speed 24/7 applications - Gantry Frame version Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper systems eliminate the ...

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