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Creating A Competitive Advantage With Project Management And Accounting
MaxQ Technologies
Integrated Project Management and Accounting (PMA) technologies can be a catalyst for business transformation while delivering a powerful return on investment (ROI). Rather than describing the discrete elements of a PMA solution, the emphasis herein will be on the interaction between PMA advocates and management decision makers—and how they ultimately joined forces to accelerate project and ...
5 tips to take your project management to the next level
Maconomy Inc.
The foundation for the tips is a survey conducted among 315 companies around the world. The sponsor of the survey which was conducted between November 2009 and January 2010 is the business solution provider Maconomy. The companies identified the most prolific approaches to project management in the survey.
Case Study - Project Reviews
Englund Project Management Consultancy
Case Study – Knowledge Management Through Project Reviews Randall L. Englund Alfonso Bucero Chapter Ten of Project Sponsorship addresses a sponsor's role in developing a learning organization. The process starts with doing project reviews and taking action on the findings. It also requires developing the means to be effective in a political environment. The chapter presents a process to develop ...
Create Environment for Successful Projects
Englund Project Management Consultancy
Creating an Environment for Successful Projects guides its readers to construct an environment in which projects are more successful. Its contribution fills the void for advanced project managers and managers of project managers on how to develop project management as an organizational practice. The Second Edition adds to the foundation provided by the project management body of knowledge by ...
Creating the Project Office
Englund Project Management Consultancy
Randall L. Englund, NPDP, CBM, Englund Project Management Consultancy Creating a project office may be the “in thing” to do. It is also fraught with perils. A goal may be to implement a project office as a vehicle for organizational change. The first step, then, is to discover the processes necessary to lead organizational change and create the conditions that will enable change. This time is ...

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