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5 Key Obstacles to a Supplier Network
Prime Advantage Corporation
U.S. manufacturers are being challenged by the most intense global competition in history. Passing on cost increases to customers can be extremely difficult and finding the right vendor partners is crucial to containing or reducing costs in this environment. However, for small and mid-sized manufacturers (less than $1 billion in revenues), the task of finding reliable and qualified suppliers can ...
Reducing Procurement Costs While Improving Quality
Ormed Information Systems Ltd
Healthcare costs continue to outstrip revenue growth while demand for quality service and value continues to escalate. The ability to realize substantive, sustainable cost savings and, at the same time, increase value by enhancing patient outcomes and experiences remains a worthy goal across the healthcare sector, albeit an elusive one to date. Since supply and equipment costs are a hospital’s ...
Beaulieu Group Case Study
River Logic
Beaulieu Group Integrated Business Planner™ (IBP) Client Profile its operational decisions. They had difficulty understanding the true Conducting business as Beaulieu financial impact of changing of America, the closely held demand conditions and volatile Beaulieu Group is the largest input prices as the fully allocated carpet-only producer in America costing methodology assumed a and the third ...
Making KM Fun: An APQC KM Advanced Working Group White Paper
Knowledge management (KM) is serious business. The ability to secure enduring value from intellectual assets determines winners and losers in the marketplace. If something is so critical to success, then why does it need to be fun? Because fun can make your KM efforts thrive. This white paper, co-authored by APQC and participants in APQC's 2009-2010 KM Advanced Working Group, discusses ...
Technology Business Research (TBR)
The following is information compiled from recently published Technology Business Research reports. Excerpts included in this release feature: Lenovo Group, Nortel Networks, Genpact Initial Response and IBM Software. Lenovo nearly broke even in 2Q09, narrowing its quarterly loss to $16 million; however, this progress was based largely on its return to double-digit PC unit shipment growth in ...

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JDA Software 2012 JDA Software Group JDA Software Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of supply chain management, merchandising and pricing solutions. Headquarterd in Scottsdale, ...
JDA - The Supply Chain Company JDA Software Group In a global business environment of ever increasing complexity, variability, and risk, where competitive advantage is gained and lost with every decision, ...

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